Shenzhen Sanbot Innovation Cloud Technology Co.,Ltd


Company profile

Shenzhen Sanbot Innovation Cloud Technology Co., Ltd is a national high and new technology enterprise with globalization planning and international perspective.

Company strategy

Being a platfrom robot creator and performer,push "Robots + All walks of life",and create new value. Using robots to benefit everyone, improve efficiency, release freedom. Adhering to open and all-win cooperation attitude, making a better world with partner by providing things to things, things to people, people to people's interconnection. Let everyone enjoy the joy of intelligent technology.

Main business

Cloud service: account management, remote control, firmware upgrade, device maintenance, user data mining, real-time chats, message push, audio/video transmission, community interaction, cloud resource share, content sharing to micro-blog and wechat, application market, cloud storage, cloud computing, online semantic analysis
Intelligent hardware,intelligent hardware SDK、iOS client SDK、Android client SDK、Windows client SDK