Device access

Support SanLink or cloud account access

Sanbot cloud access solution

Three access solutions for easy IoT and fast intelligent upgrade

Standardized access plan

Seller or the third developing user use networking module provided by sanbot cloud to automatically generate device or product's unique ID, and can connect internet by San-link account system, access to sanbot cloud system with standardized mode,interconnect with customer's equipment and products by mobile APP and robot terminal, realize directly control and operation. Sanbot cloud operation backstage system can automatically collect and generate all kinds of product data report.

Cloud account access plan

Seller or the third developing user use his own networking module to connect internet, and only adopt sanbot cloud external interface and San-Link account system to access to sanbot cloud system with cloud account mode. Using interface debugging or APP custom development mode, seller or the third developing user can control application by mobile phone. Sanbot cloud operation platform can't directly obtain equipment ot product's data information and it need custom development.

Hardware access scheme

The merchant or third party develops users to use the network modules provided by sanbao (WIFI module, Zigbee system module, 4G network module, etc.). The cloud account is automatically connected according to the module ID. Data collection and analysis can be conducted on the networking content of the device as required. Finally, various data reports will be generated by the background system

Access function point display

Functional extension at a glance, docking multiple platforms



SDK generates unique ID based on hardware information


Scan code device ID, import cloud system


Establish bindings between devices, users, and other related roles


Function establishment of the device : creation, review, and effective on the web side


Mobile APP/small program to send control commands to smart home devices/gateways


When an abnormal situation is detected, the alarm push notification message is sent to the mobile terminal.

Service companies and products, multiple types empower the future

Different product types and diverse intelligent experiences allow manufacturers to focus more on products

Education Access

Public Service Access

Retail Access

Healthcare Access