Operation service

Publish business content and provide more services to users

Real-time monitoring of equipment operation, improving maintenance efficiency

When the fault occurs, the fault information reported by the equipment, the fault information is automatically collected, and a visualized infographic is generated to facilitate the tracking of the cause of the fault, optimize the product, and improve customer satisfaction


User management, face-to-face communication with users

Push brands, product new products, tips and other information to interact with consumers

Business management, providing users with more services

Comprehensive, meticulous, fast and meticulous service experience

New robot model
New manufacturer
Clear all friends
Modify administrator
Detection robot ID
Calculate dynamic passwords
Order management
Return to factory maintenance
Help center management
Restaurant License Management
Front desk license management
Business management
4G traffic management
Rental management
Rental record
Server management
Activation code
Operation log
Semantic entry
Authority management